Today’s economy is digital.
E-commerce, e-business, cloud computing : our economy now is web-based.
Datacenters enable the digital economy.
More than this : the datacenter is a weapon that significantly contributes to the performance & competitiveness of any organization.
And the paradox is : this infrastructure, which is the foundation for all our business life, has remained unmanaged. So far.
For any company, it is now vital to continuously optimize the datacenter efficiency, and the infrastructure’s uptime.
This is what DataCenterVision enables to its customers, with its software technology.

Why have datacenters remained unmanaged ?
Two reasons :

• Datacenters have emerged and matured recently.
• A datacenter means a complex environment.

A datacenter does not mean one team, but different teams, different complementary skills.
Those teams have worked in an independent way.
And those teams work on very basic tools :

• They are unable to know the risk level, in an era when customer expectation is 100% up time
• They are unable to efficiently manage the daily operations
• They are unable to quickly identify and solve hot-spots of energy consumption and heating
• They are unable to really work together, in a true collaborative way.

These problems have resulted in lower reliability, higher costs and lower productivity.
But this now belongs to the past. Or : should…