Every day, as a datacenter operator or manager, you are responsable for the efficiency and the performance of the whole infrastructure, which means :

• Ensuring complete reliability, and full efficiency : no failure, no breakdown, no shortage of power, no excessive heating or temperature, no unwanted disconnection, etc.
• Preparing, managing and documenting all the daily work : moves, adds, changes. Your datacenter is much alive, and you daily have to : welcome new servers, renew hardware devices, set up new services, extend capacity, etc.

DataCenterVision enables complete management of the datacenter, with :

• The complete mapping of all resources & pieces of equipment, through multiple views : 2D & 3D views, floor-maps, lists, tree-views, detail-views, synopsis-views, reports, etc.
• The reliable & centralized inventory of all hardware devices : servers, networking, storage, power, cooling, etc.
• The control of all connections : ports, cables, patch cords, links.
• The monitoring of everything critical : power, temperature, etc
• The mastering of the whole capacity within the datacenter : space in the room, space in the racks, power, ports available, weight, etc
• All the daily work, being moves, adds or changes : installations, transfers, connections, etc.

With DataCenterVision, you gain in a unique way : productivity, quality and safety.
DataCenterVision delivers a global, accurate and reliable tool to visualize, document, manage, monitor and optimize the datacenter.