Your datacenter is alive.
Your customers, being inside or outside your own organization, are evolving : their needs and expectations are changing, almost daily.
The technologies are changing, too.
So you have to daily cope with an environment which has to be re-questionned on a daily basis.

New applications ?
More data ?
More transactions ?
More storage ?
Faster access ?
More distant users ?
Higher level of services to be provided ?
More safety & security ?

If you translate those evolutions into infrastructure evolution, that will mean :

More servers, virtual or physical
More power, more cooling
More outlets on the PDUs, more PDUs
More ports on the switches, or more switches

So you have to have an instanteneous answer :

How much space in the racks, for both sides of the racks?
How much power available ?
How many power outlets & PDUs available ?
How many ports on switches remaining ?

That is how DataCenterVision may help you.
You know here you can drive your datacenter to.
You know how fast you can drive it.
You know which ways you have to go through.

You plan your capacity, which means you anticipate to make sure that your datacenter may always match your current and future needs.