Your benefits with DataCenterVision

Visualizing :
With DataCenterVision, you see your datacenter as it is, in a very fluid and intuitive way. You have all different views, being synchronized : 2D and 3D views, floor-views, tree-views, detail-views of every device (front and rear), connections, lists, etc. Wherever your datacenter is or may be, you connect with our secured web-client, and you visualize at once what you want, what you need. You zoom in, you zoom out, you scroll, you move, you click : your explore your whole infrastructure in a unique, fast and easy way.

Documenting :
With DataCenterVision, you have a unique, central, reliable, accurate and updated data repository upon your datacenter. You know what you have, you know where every thing is located, you know how every device is installed, connected, powered and used.
You have all properties of every piece of equipment.
DataCenterVision can of course be your CMDB.
Plus : to any object, you may attach documents or files, and you may also add links for a web-access to what you need.

Monitoring :
DataCenterVision gives you the means to monitor, on a real-time basis, whatever you need, at the level you need. This means everything related to power and energy : power, voltage, intensity, etc. But also : temperature, humidity, etc.
And this may be monitored at the level you want : the equipment, the rack, the row, the room, etc.
You may also create a group, physical or logical, dynamic or static, and monitor at the group-level.
DataCenterVision may collect any data from any sensor, probe, or active device. We then store them, and display them, as a graph, or as a spreadsheat.

Planning :
Your datacenter is alive. Every day, you have to plan, execute, validate and document different kinds of works : installations, connections, disconnections, transfers.
DataCenterVision enables you to optimize each and every operation within the datacenter : starting from a complete and cristal-clear view of your datacenter, you may prepare work-orders, and organize the work of your different employees or sub-contractors. Those documents tell exactly what has to be done, where, and how. Work is therefore highly optimized. No time lost. No risk for human error. You gain quality, productivity, reliability.

Reporting :
In order to make the right decisions at the right time, you need to know.
You need to have all the information that matters, at your fingertips.
What is the capacity of the datacenter ? How much space in the room ? how much space in the racks ? how much power available ? how many ports on the PDUs, on the switches, on the panels ?
You need to know.
DataCenterVision gives you an instantaneous, contextual dashboard. Plus many reports.
And, as our database runs on any SQL engine, you may also create your own reports, with your preferred reporting tool, provided it may run a SQL query.

Managing :
We enable you to really be in the driver’s seat : you are in a position to take the most and the best out of your existing datacenter infrastructure. And you also know how to have it evolve, how to extend your global capacity.
You fully have the means to serve your internal and external customers, with unrivalled SLA.
You optimize the R.O.I. in your datacenter, and you also optimize its performance and efficiency.
In our digital world, you have all means to efficiently drive your datacenter, and help your organization or company to really match its objectives, and make a significant difference.