DataCenterVision shows your datacenter as if you were just inside : walking, seing, checking.

First : 2D views
All floormaps are visible, with multiple layers.
You may display any kind of information on the top of the racks.
You may also select a row or a rack, and see it : front, and back. Inside, outside. Just everything.

Beyond : 3D views
DataCenterVision gives you a 3D unique view of your datacenter : you place the “eye” wherever you want, and you may then see anything from there, while moving in any direction.
So you virtually “travel” in the datacenter, at any height, in a few seconds.
Of course, while remaining in our 3D navigator, you may stop, select any device, and call any other view or feature with our contextual menu, through the right-hand button of the mouse.