Your datacenter is a complex, dense, highly technological environment.
And all devices play a specific role, with key interactions in-between.

The datacenter today is in fact the digital factory, the factory of today’s information age.

In our web-based and web-enabled economy, the performance and competitiveness of your organization depends upon the performance and efficiency of your datacenter.
So you have to make sure that it has been designed and organized in the best way.
And you also have to make sure that daily operations may be prepared and executed in the optimal way.

To reach daily excellence in the management of your datacenter, you need a tool helping you regain visibility and control on whatever is inside your datacenter.

DataCenterVision shows everything in your datacenter, and also enables you to interact with all active or intelligent devices :
• while collecting power directly from servers, or from PDUs
• while collecting any critical value from sensor, probes, and aother metering tools
• while checking everything inside the servers, using WMI for Windows servers, for example.