All your servers and devices in the datacenter are connected :
•  power networks, LANs, VLANs, SANs, Admin Networks, etc.
•  copper, fiber, etc

You have to view those connections.
You have to manage them, because connections are set and unset on a daily basis.

DataCenterVision provides you with the capacity to create cables and patchcords, and connect / disconnect them easily in the database.
Therefore, starting from any device, or any port, you may see :
•  which connections have been set
•  which ports are free or busy
•  how to quickly set a new connection.

Once connections are set, DataCenterVision shows you all your connection is several unique and powerfull ways :
• 1 to 1 diagram
•  1 to N diagram
•  physical mapping
•  logical mapping
•  synopsis.

All your connectivity is easily and fully mastered with DataCenterVision.