DataCenterVision enables you to quickly and easily model your datacenter.
You may import your data, being from XL or any other existing inventory, and then fully represent your datacenter as it is, in reality.

Your import will be in two steps :
•  hardware devices, being on floor or in racks, with name, model, address in the datacenter
•  cabling & patching.

You may then see your datacenter in a very realistic way, while connecting to your database, through a fully-secured access, with our web client.
You will see the floor map, the rows, the racks (front and back), and all hardware devices, in all possible ways : 2D, 3D.
You will zoom in, zoom out, scroll, drill down to any level, select, and visualize whatever you want, the way you want.
Of course, you may change anything to the devices being seen, and move, transfer, place, unrack, connect, disconnect, etc.
Your datacenter at your fingertips, wherever you are : all the information related to everything in your datacenter.