Your datacenter is alive.
Every day, you install, place, transfer new or existing devices.
Every day, you connect, disconnect.
Every day, you face an important workload.

Our experience has shown us that, in most situations, datacenter operators or managers first plan the work, and then document it once it has been executed.
The problems :
•  Tracing the work after execution is not that easy
•  Tracing the work may involve more than one person, more than one team : who will take responsability ?
•  After time, the gap between reality and documentaion increases
•  If several teams, there may be one repository per team. So how will a whole workflow be documented ? Uneasy…

We have the solution for you.
Instead of taking charge of the work, and then documenting it, we suggest you may just reverse the process :
•  You prepare and plan the work
•  You edit a work order, which you can split between your different employees or subcontactors
•  Every body knows what has to be done, where, and how
•  You then validate the work order
•  The database is updated, and you keep all the history.

So you gain much time, and you make sure that your database always matches reality.