DataCenterVision is a complete, accurate, central, up-to-date representation of your datacenter.
It gives you the vision of all pieces of equipment, all hardware devices.

But is goes far beyond, much further : it enables you to collect any real-time information from any device being on the network : power, pemperature, humidity, pressure, etc.
We may connect directly to the servers.
Or we may connect to devices whose main role consists in metering : sensor or probes, such as smart PDUs.

We collect at your frequency.
We store, we display.
For a single device, but also for a specific group of devices.

For example, this means that you now have the means to better balance power within your datacenter.
And increase power performance, and energy efficiency.
More density in the racks, and lower costs at the end of the month !

You are the pilot, we give you the means to decide how you are going to use and distribute power in your datacenter.