DataCenterVision delivers professional services.
To give you the best efficiency with our product, we can ternainly train your teams, and fully transfer the know-how, so that you may take the most of our technology.
Our software application is very intuitive, so you will not need a long period of time to be fully-trained.
During the training, we will help you go through the deep, rich and broad set of features of the software application :

* Administration :
- creation of users’ profiles
- creation of rights

* Library :
- creation of models & meta-models
- naming rules, numbering rules
- customization
- real-time monitoring (setup)
- servers analysis, configuration (automatic connection)

* Datacenter management :
- creation of the database, automatic or not
- import, export
- transfer, placement
- cabling, patching, connectivity
- visualization, 2D / 3D
- booking space
- queries
- filters
- reports
- dashboard
- workflow
- groups
- monitoring
- etc.

We generally train at customer’s location, and training is based upon several practical exercises.