What is in a word ?

You now hear about DCIM.

DCIM being : DataCenter Infrastructure Management.

We could also talk about :

DCEM : DataCenter Energy Management.

DCCM : DataCenter Capacity Management.

DCPM : DataCenter Power Management.

DCOM : DataCenter Operations Management.

DCSM : DataCenter Services Management.

DCWM : DataCenter Workload Management.


DC”X”M, in fact.

A datacenter is more than an infrastructure.
And when you dynamically follow or track a virtual server, attach it to a physical server or to a cluster, see how much power this VM needs, you do more than pure infrastructure management.

This is why we talk about datacenter management, at DataCenterVision. Simply. Globally.

Our objective : enable you to manage everything being or happening in the datacenter.

Our data model and our relational model have been designed from scratch for the datacenter environment.

And our set of features have the objective to help you in all the processes, in all the workflow.