DataCenterVision enables you to :

See, know, understand :
With DataCenterVision, you may benefit from a unique, central, global, accurate, intuitive, reliable, updated data repository.
All your datacenters will be visible, in many ways :
• General views of the datacenter : 2D-views, 3D-views, tree-views, list-views, etc.
• Specific views : each device, piece of equipment, with the 2 sides : front & rear
• Connectivity
• Capacity.
DataCenterVision provides an unrivalled, multi-dimensional mapping of the datacenters.

Measure, monitor, control :
DataCenterVision may be connected to any hardware device, whatever the manufacturer, the model, the protocol : if it is powered, it may be monitored, so that you may know « how much » : how much power, how much energy, etc.
DataCenterVision may collect, sore, and display.

Operate and maintain :
With the workflow, built-in management tool, you’ll be able to address all MACs in an efficient way :
• You plan the work
• You tell your subcontractors what they have to do
• You automatically update the database.

Plan, forecast, anticipate :
The different reports and dashboards tell you, at any time, your remaining capacity :
• Space
• Weight on the floor
• Power, cooling
• Ports on PDUs, copper panels, fiber panels, switches, etc