In today’s digital economy, and in particular with online business and cloud computing, your datacenter is the central, strategic and critical asset of your information system : it is the physical infrastructure enabling the digital economy.
The performance of your datacenter has a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of your organization.
You daily have to deliver powerful, scalable and always available services to your internal & external customers.

As a datacenter operator or manager, you have the following global responsabilities :

• Enabling and delivering the best service level to your internal and external customers
• Maintaining business continuity
• Optimizing the safety and the reliability of the whole infrastructure
• Decreasing costs, and especially power costs

Therefore, you really have to control, master and optimize each & every aspect of the datacenter :

• Resources, hardware
• Connectivity
• Capacity
• Workflow, processes, all MACs (moves, adds, changes)
• Costs
• Power distribution & usage
• Temperature & cooling.

Several criteria, together, have guided the organization of your datacenter :

• Availability
• Performance
• Efficiency
• Balance
• Extensibility
• Flexibility
• Safety
• Manageability.

Your datacenter has to be the safest and most adapted environment to host the production servers, the applications and the business data of your organization.
Everything in the datacenter has been conceived and designed to deliver the highest level of efficiency : architecture, power, cooling, location of racks & servers, storage, backup, connectivity, etc.
This level of efficiency has to be not only maintained, but also improved and optimized.

To achieve such goals, you require state-of-the-art software applications, and professional management services.
DataCenterVision enables you to significantly increase productivity, quality and reliability within your datacenter, with complete management of the datacenter :

• All assets (IT, power, cooling)
• Connectivity
• Capacity
• Workflow
• Real-time monitoring of power and temperature, at server-level.