DataCenterVision is a true, native, genuine, full-web software application.
A Rich Internet Application, combining the best of both worlds :
- easy, distant access, through your preferred browser, to the server, being local or distant
- yet, a deep, broad and rich set of features and fonctionalities.
So, not a simple web site, but a complete software solution, enabling you to fully visualize, document, monitor, manage & optimize all your datacenter.

The power, the strength and the safety of a client/server archirecture, yet the beauty and modernity of a web-based access.

So : nothing to be installed, maintained or administrated, on the client side.
You just conect, on a remote way, to the server, with your login & password.

Therefore, you give a full or restricted view to your internal or external customers : you share information in a smart way.

If you are a hosting or colocation company, you may therefore add value on top of your existing services.