DataCenterVision proposes a RIA : « Rich Internet Application ».
This is a genuine, 100% full-web software application.
All features, all views are accessed through your preferred web browser, with a secured login.

Your benefits from such an architecture are quite significant :

• Nothing to be installed, administrated nor maintained, on the client side
• A distant & secured access, wherever you are

The application is intuitive, fast, performing, inter-operable, and highly evolutive.

DataCenterVision pays high attention to designing and delivering a first-rank graphical user interface.
You access, in the most intuitive way, access everything related to your datacenter : hardware equipment, connections, information, processes, workflow, etc.
You see your environment as it is in real life.
And this also makes your work more productive, because an intuitive interface makes every decision and every action very fast.
Your environment is complex, your mission is complex : we put complexity on our side, so that we may make your job easier.