DataCenterVision is a modern & innovative solution.
We combine the best of both worlds :

• For the server : a solid, secure, SQL-based, client-server architecture
• For the client : a light, fast, intuitive web-based interface
• In-between : a perfect integration, with a robust & elegant design.

A Windows-based interface today would be a non-sense : mobility matters.
Yet, implementing real, full features within a web client : this is the challenge.
Because a software application is not a simple web site.
This is how DataCenterVision makes a difference.

DataCenterVision also enables complete interoperability, through the web services.

The server can be installed on a physical or virtual server, and it does not require a dedicated server.
DataCenterVision supports all SQL engines : Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PosgreSQL, etc.

Real-time monitoring of power and temperature can be achieved in two ways :

• Either directly on the servers and other IT and non-IT devices. The technology is non-intrusive, agentless, and 100% software-based.
• Or while collecting directly the data from any hardware device (including probes & sensors), through the protocol being supported by the manufacturer (SNMP, ModBus, BacNet, etc).

In both cases, collecting directly or indirectly, DataCenterVision may collect any data, and then store and display them, as graphs or spreadsheets.