How can i save 10% or more on yearly power costs ?

Power & cooling are the #1 concern of data center owners, operators, managers.
Your #1 priority.
The objective : power performance, power efficiency.

To see how your datacenter can be rated, the famous PUE ratio was born.
It has been defined by the Green Grid, an open, “scientic society”, whose members freely contribute to have the industry’s standards emerge & evolve.

To measure the PUE, you have to monitor everything in the datacenter, through probes, sensors, metering tools, or software-only solutions.

Then, the PUE tells you how many watts go for non-IT resources, related to how many watts go for IT resources.

Hardware architecture are getting more and more dense, complex, and evolving.
Super enclosures packed with powerful blade-servers are progressively replacing standard rackable servers.

Software architectures are moving too.
Virtual servers are increasing, and having a dramatic impact on workload relying on physical servers or on clusters.

Those evolutions lead to sampling frequencies getting shorter.
It is now commonly accepted to monitor at quarter (15 min), hour, half-day, day, week and month-levels.

If your datacenter is in the 200 kW to 5,000 kW range, with 8760 hours per year, your yearly invoice for power will be between 0.2 M and 44 millions (at 10 cents per kW*h).
Saving 10% on this yearly cost is really significant.
That means decreasing the cost of power for non-IT, or the power for non-IT.

That means better balance of workload, better usage & distribution of power, better density in racks / row / room.